Reviewing the Standardized Criteria

This page gives an overview of our Standardized Criteria used on every Rentzap listing.

What is Rentzap's Standardized Rental Criteria?

Our standardized criteria is the backbone of our underwriting process. It's used on every listing to provide the fastest and fairest underwriting decisions to applicants.

Our criteria is detailed, transparent and publicly available for all to read. We send it to all applicants before they apply so they know how we will determine an underwriting decision before they apply.

How did Rentzap create the Standardized Rental Criteria?

Rentzap developed our standardized rental criteria with the help of professional property managers, experienced landlord & tenant attorneys and Fair Housing advocates.

It is a living, breathing document that will continue to learn and evolve as we do.

Why Rentzap uses Standardized Rental Criteria?

Our standardized rental criteria helps ensure that the rental process is fair, efficient, and effective, and can benefit both property owners and tenants.

Fairness and consistency: Ensures that all applicants are treated equally and consistently

Efficient screening process: Streamlines the screening process by providing clear guidelines for evaluating applicants, making it easier and quicker to determine who is qualified to rent a property.

Better tenant selection: Identifies qualified tenants, which can lead to lower turnover rates and fewer problems with rent payment and property maintenance.

Improved risk management: Reduces exposure to liability in the event of a lawsuit or dispute by using a consistent and well-documented process

Where can I read it?

Can I make any adjustments to the Standardized Criteria?

The following areas are adjustable

  • Lease start date range

  • Minimal Average Household Credit Score

  • Animal Requirements (excluding assistive animals)

  • Accepting Guarantors as part of household

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